November 24th 2018: Non Una di Meno – march against gender based violence and the government’s patriarchal and racist policies


Non Una di Meno in a state of permanent turmoil: march against gender based violence and the government’s patriarchal and racist policies.

November 24th 2018 Rome h. 2 pm Piazza della Repubblica

From all over the world and from Italy, we are rising up globally against male, gender based violence and racist violence and at those governments that legitimize them.

It’s been over two years since we have first marched together and taken over the public space to reaffirm that femicides are the tip of an iceberg of oppression: gender based violence starts at home and it’s widespread to every field of society. It becomes a political tool of domination, it produces isolation, inequalities and exploitation.

The Salvini-Di Maio government is waging a war on women, migrants and lgbt*qia+ people, through law enforcement and policies aimed at reaffirming a patriarchal and authoritarian model which tries to dismantle and silence our freedom.

The law proposed by senator Pillon to “reform” children support and custody practices enforcing the traditional family system re-establishes oppressive gender roles and hierarchies and erases women’s self-determination. Freedom of choice over our bodies and over our lives is increasingly under attack by fundamentalist campaigns criminalizing abortion which are being promoted by governments all over the world. Our response: the freedom of abortion can’t be erased, and Pillon’s law proposal can’t be reformed; it must be rejected!

Even as this government says that it wants to put an end to poverty, it is planning policies that intensify job insecurity and exacerbate economic dependence which exposes us to even more violence and harassment at work. They dismantle the welfare state and expect that women, Italian or Migrant, pick up domestic and care work either for free or in exchange for a starvation wage. Job insecurity is gendered, so our fight against gendered violence includes a struggle against job insecurity and exploitation. We demand universal basic income, European minimum wage and universal welfare and services, so that we can get out of the cycle of poverty and violence.

We are aware that the violent dynamics of the racist and patriarchal society we live in are produced and reproduced by the education system and for this reason we want to revive feminist and antiracist knowledge, education about differences and sex-education at every level.

We move through cities made evermore somber and hostile by gentrification of public space, the militarization of the streets, by security measures that become a kind of apartheid. Globally we keep saying that safe streets are made by women and the free subjects that move through them, building up the feminist city in which we deserve to live. We want a house to sleep in, self-determined spaces to love, antiviolence centers where we can live and dream

We are tired of politicians instrumentalizing cases of rape and femicide for their racist agendas. Violence against women isn’t related to race: it is always male violence. Patriarchy and racism are two sides of the same coin: we stand strong against the fear, the hate and the violence of the Salvini decree on immigration and borders, mobilizing and building widespread solidarity, in first place with Migrant women, on whose bodies the right-wing government’s game is played even more tragically. We reclaim the freedom to move and to stay, we demand the end of fortress Europe by opening the borders and establishing asylum, citizenship and unconditional European residence permit that aren’t tied to work and study requirements or relationship status. 

They want us subdued, blackmailed and exploited, what they get is a bunch of rebels! We are the change.

On November 24th in Rome there will be a sea of feminists without flags of political parties as we prioritize contents and the construction of networks and relations. We have a feminist plan against male and gender-based violence; a plan to transform society and the whole world.

On November 25th we will reconvene in a national assembly focused on the global womens’ strike on 8th of March.

The permanent state of agitation has only just begun.



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