Towards the national demonstration of the 26th November to oppose male violence against women

 For the construction of a national assembly, with thematic workshops the 27th November in Rome


A third of Italian, resident and migrant women experience physical, psychological or sexual violence often at home, and in front of their children. In Italy, since the beginning of the year, dozens of women were murdered by male hands. Male violence against women is not a private matter nor an emergency, but a structural and transversal phenomenon in our society, a matter of political fact, which has its roots in the unequal distribution of power between sexes. In continuity with what happened in the past decade, austerity policies and reforms, such as the one of the labour market and of the education system, do nothing but undermine autonomy of women and deepen social, cultural and sexual discrimination.

Violence is experienced in every aspect of our existence, it controls and tames the bodies and lives of women: in family, at work, at school, at university, on the street, at night, during day, in hospitals, on media, on the Web.

Male violence against women can only be tackled with a radical cultural change, as we have learned from the experiences and practices of the women’s movement, and by anti-violence centres, which for thirty years have remained steadfast in the face of attempts of the state institutions to transform them in neutral services, denying their political nature and capacity of transformation.

 “It’s time to stop it!” is the call that rises everywhere around the world.

In Poland, Argentina and Spain strikes and protests of women have shut down entire countries, against violence and femicide and for women’s self-determination. Women bodies taking to the streets are building bridges and common narratives from one side to the other of the world. The mobilization is spreading well beyond national borders and it expresses the political power of women.

Last 8th October, in Rome as well, after months of mobilization, a crowded assembly with hundreds of women decided to take the streets, to speak up again against this carnage against women and against the many forms of daily violence we are confronted with.

This struggle belongs to everyone, it erases borders and it does not know geographies. This is why we have to refuse every racist manipulation which tries to reduce violence to a ‘law and order’ problem. With the same strength we shall denounce every form of violence against lesbians and transsexuals, that aims to impose a heteronormative model which does not respond to reality, neither to people’s desires. An injury to one, is an injury to all!

For these reasons, on the 26th November – in correspondence with the international day for the elimination of violence against women – we will take the streets of Rome, coming from all over the country, for a great demonstration of women open to all those people who recognize the elimination of male violence as a priority in the process of transformation.   

The demonstration will start from ‘piazza della Repubblica’ at 2 p.m., it will pass through the city center of Rome crossing some symbolic places, and it will end in ‘Piazza San Giovanni’. Using institutional flags, slogans, banners ascribable to parties or trade unions will not be accepted during the demonstration. On the contrary, the principal goal is to express, to spread and to communicate in the best way possible, ideas and slogans emerged during the collective building process both at national and local level. For this reason, the blog is the available space for comparing and sharing communicative materials and deepening contributions towards the 26th of November.        

We look at the 26th as the first step on the path to proposing a Feminist Plan against male violence and a huge mobilization that will express and extend female self-determination.

Thus, the day after the demonstration – 27th of November from 10 a.m., we are calling for a new national assembly which will be structured in thematic workshops, as it has been defined during the previous assembly of the 8th October 2016 (here the report)

The assembly will take place at Federico Di Donato elementary school (Via Nino Bixio, 83) and it will end with a plenary assembly, where we will discuss how to continue the process of elaboration, proposal and struggle.



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